Borne by the water surrounding South America to the sweeping waves of the Mediterranean sea hitting the shores of the Maltese Islands, Susurrus presents an exciting Mediterranean cuisine influenced by the diversity of South American food, bonded with fresh local ingredients and avant-garde techniques bestowing a novel dining escapade.

Indulge in a synthesis of natural elements, sights and sounds that will keep you at ease like a soft whisper or rustling as the word Susurrus implies, accompanied by beautiful views and vibe of the outdoor terrace flooding into the restaurant's interior.

From the Flora, Fauna to the Aqua, Susurrus's menu can easily be described as the synthesis of all natural elements inspired by international cuisines from around the globe, giving a sophisticated yet playful representation of our head chef's culinary journey to date.


Surrounded by the sweeping waves of the Mediterranean sea, the organic ambiance of a breathtaking sight on St George's Bay truly enhances one's dining experience and adds a touch of sophistication to any date or a casual outing.


From birthdays to graduations to special events with friends, our restaurant and it's breathtaking view is the perfect place to celebrate life and create timeless memories.